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Daily DC Nation To-Do List - REDUX

I have added some stuff to the daily list!  If you can do ALL of it, why not?  If you can only do some, do that!

Have you done this yet today?

1. Called 1 (877) 827-2671 and left a POLITE message about renewing YJ & GLTAS?

2. Submitted a POLITE feedback response at

3. Gone to CN’s Facebook page and posted POLITE requests to renew the shows?  Here’s the link:

4.  Tweeted POLITELY to Cartoon Network to express your love and devotion to the shows?  Here’s the link:

5. Sent an e-mail to Cartoon network with pictures of things you have bought, fanart you have made, pictures of yourself cosplaying, etc., or ANYTHING else?  Their e-mail address is

6.  Printed out the following domino mask, written the words “save YJ & GLTAS” on it, and mailed it to Cartoon Network at: 1050 Techwood Drive NW, Atlanta,GA 30318?

Please be a POLITE & consistent contributor to our effort to save our shows!

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