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More things I need from Avatar:




  • Most importantly - Azula’s own spiritual journey and healing process (or I could just continue my fan fiction on her…)
  • A proper Red Lotus back-story (DAMN IT!)
  • A Kyoshi story (Why not? I enjoy the more ancient time period of the Avatar world, plus she looks badass!)
  • More Suki (because I feel she is too underrated!)
  • More June The Bounty Hunter (Damn! I almost forgot this one!)

There might be some more, by that is all.

Sokka.  Lots of Sokka.

Hopefully, he really got shafted Season 1 through Season 3. More Katara wouldn’t be bad either (though I think we got confirmation that she’ll reappear in S3).

Of Korra? Do you mean season (book) 4?




where do these white dads come from


do you know how much I would pay to see my dad do this

I would pee myself.


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So apparently feminism is a hate movement. I’m sorry I don’t remember any feminists going on any shooting sprees because they were rejected by men or sending death and rape threats to blogger who pointed out sexism in video games.

Calling feminism a hate movement is just ANOTHER example of a) men trying to keep women as second class citizens, and b) WHY we need feminism.

Ah, I see you’re quick to erase the experiences of men who’ve had encounters with misandrists hiding behind the feminist label.

Few and far between.  

Sorry, but you can’t claim to compare what happened to you to ANYTHING women go through.  When you have been catcalled by sleazy men on the street for simply walking to school in baggy jeans and a t-shirt, when you feel THREATENED because you are the only woman on a street at night, when your opinion has been discounted because you have breasts, when you have been passed over for a promotion for a man with “a family to feed (and, after all, you have a husband to support you),” we’ll talk.

And that’s only what I faced.  I can tell you about my friend from college who was a female rickshaw driver who had the “bad luck” to pick up a passenger (a guy) who then dragged her into the bushes and raped her. No male rickshaw drivers ever reported being raped by female passengers, by the way.

So please forgive me for not feeling too bad about your encounters with misandrists, but I, and most women, live this shit every day.

Every day.

Why do we have to compare? Is the shit I go through to be ignore and neglected, because of the shit you go through? Is what you go through rendered null and void, because of what some people go through in Siberia or Africa?

And yes, I’ve been catcalled by women on the street, women are humans too and they want to give it a try to pick up a stranger (one handsome devil to be precise) on the street. I’m also worried if I’m walking on the street at one past midnight and someone appears out of nowhere, because I don’t want to get mugged or worse.

And also yes, I too know people who’ve gone through shit, I myself have. Does that mean I, or they, should talk down to those who’ve had some much softer experiences? 

Ultimately the power and responsibility to change the world for the better is with us and that won’t happen if we ignore the elements we do not like or minimize the experiences of those who are “not us”. 

I’m sorry, but if you are ready to label feminism a hate movement because you’ve had encounters with “misandrists,” then you really have to think about it more.  You need feminism just as much as women because then NO hateful comments to people based on their gender would be acceptable. And perhaps I was hasty to say that it is men who are trying to keep women as second class citizens, but I sure see a hell of a lot more men oppressing women than I see women oppressing men.  I can watch the news in my city, and it’s story after story on rape or domestic violence, or murder, and 95% (or more) of the time, the perpetrator is a man.  Seriously.  I have watched the news in my city for as long as I can remember, and the other day I saw the very first story I have ever seen on a woman raping a man - but, unfortunately, men raping women are an everyday occurrence.  So, forgive me for being jumpy, but women are SO much more likely to face violence at the hands of men than vice versa. SO MUCH MORE.  So, I am sorry that some woman (or women) has/have hurt you/your feelings, but now you can say “yes, I have suffered sexism,” and sexism for either gender is, and should be unacceptable. 

Feminism is not a hate movement. It’s women saying that they (we) are just as important as men, with the same rights, and should be treated equally. That means that, when we voice our opinion online, no one should say, “you should be raped,” or “fuck off, slut.”  And, to be honest, I don’t think I have ever seen a man get hate on a website SIMPLY FOR THEIR GENDER.  Has it happened?  Surely.  But it is not an epidemic like it is for women.  And you know what happens to epidemics?  They spread. And I don’t want that kind of misogynistic hatred to spread - I don’t want any type of hatred to spread. God knows we have enough of it on Earth already.

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